Add a paid membership to your website

Pubpayment is a new revenue stream solution for media publishers.

Makes it simple to turn your ad-driven media to be a subscription business.

Monetize your website, not with ads. Deliver ads-free digital experience for a loyal audience.

Ad-free Choice

Enjoy ad-free websites whenever a user sign in - on both mobile device and desktop.

Premium Content Choice

Access to exclusive content on media websites.

Membership Management

Turn visitors to be subscription members of your website.

Tipping Choice

Allow visitors sending tip to an article or content.

Receive Rewards

Receive rewards from the loyal users.

Privacy Choice

Protect visitors personal privacy by contribute penny to websites.


Why PubPayment?

Most media websites and publishers rely on advertising revenue to support the business by sharing users' personal data to adverts parteners. We belive a choice should be provided to publishers and users to protect users' personal privacy or enjoy ad-free experience, in the meanwhile generante revenue for publishers.

PubPayment is a solution and system for publishers providing these choices to users.

What is PubPayment?

PubPayment is used by users purchase premium membership, privacy choice, ads-free choice, rewarding the content creators on media websites.

How does Ad-Free experience work?

A visitor can purchase Ad-Free on individual media websites by paying monthly subscription fee. Then your can enjoy the Ad-Free experience.

How can a user cancel the passes?

A user can cancel the passes by visiting logging in your wallet. This will revert your account to free version on the media websites. You can buy the passes again at any time.

We are publisher, can we setup PubPayment account system on our websites?

Yes. Drop an Email to [email protected], our support team will contact you asap.