Empower publishers with Digital subscription strategies and more

Because of ad revenue falling year after year and usage of ad blockers on the rise, more and more publishers are employing a host of reader revenue strategies: membership, subscriptions, paywalls, asking their readers and viewers directly to support their business.

PubPayment is a product developed by Transfon helping news publishers adopt Digital subscription strategies and tap into subscription business and improve the overall business.

Users acquisition strategy

Build the first-party relationship is the priority for any digital products. With PubPayment, news publishers can easily acquire the email address and establish a first-party relationship with the audience. In this way, publishers can understand what the audience is looking for, what they like, what they want, delivering new metrics to its newsroom to improve the overall content strategy.

Premium Content strategy

Essentially, premium content refers to content that is longer, more in-depth, and likely more difficult to digest than your regular content.

The premium content strategy utilised a strict paywall, with a mixture of free and paid content. Only the signed-up users or subscriber can read these content.

A success premium content strategy needs the newsroom to utilise the metrics provided by PubPerf like which stories have a higher percentage rate for viewers who read it and then subscribe.

User engagement, conversions and retention

Pubpayment membership system is a strategy for growing the email list for news publishers, then adopt a high-quality email strategy including the daily newsletter, breaking news alerts, personalised newsletter and offers.

Based on the signals collected from the signed-up users with PubPerf and contextual signals generated from content with advanced NLP technology of PubSurge, Publishers can provide a high-quality, data-driven content recommendation to users accessing your digital products.

The engagement channels are including in-site recommendations and push notifications.

Publishers can measure engagement goals and KPI with PubPerf. align the newsroom and editorial team to define success.

Commerical Offers and direct-sold campaigns

Once a publisher has the user interest data, user engagement data, contextual data, they can provide the other commercial offers depends on the content type. Pubpayment also allows publishers to sell direct campaigns for brands based on these first-party data.

Ad blocking recovery strategy

Based on the test result from several publishers installed PubPayment, we can see the users are willing to give their email or whitelist the adblocker to the sites they trust. Pubpayment helps the site to recovery the lost ad revenue.

Transfon is building a group of addon systems to modernise the tech infrastructure for digital publishers and marketers.